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Productos Prentice

PRENTICE has a full line of stationary mount loaders for a wide range of mill-yard applications. Four different size models are available with onboard or remote power. Prentice mount loaders are completely pre-wired, tested and ready for onsite electric hookup including installation kits with the required fasteners for mounting to steel or concrete pedestals. With the Prentice patented Resilient Pad Mounting System, your workday will be both productive and comfortable.


Prentice Telstik Stacked Material Handlers have a long-standing reputation for durable performance in handling all kinds of stacked building materials. If it's palletized, the Telstik can handle it, whether its wallboard, plywood, dimension lumber, roofing materials, or insulation. Two models are available, the TS29 and the TS 33, which has a reach of 33 feet, enough to give access to the fourth story.

Prentice Telstiks were designed with operator convenience in mind - with features such as positive mechanical control over machine functions and adjustable flow-control valves to "tailor" the machine to individual operators. The Telstik offers continuous fork and boom rotation, top-mounted operator's platform for excellent visibility and damage-free performance in high, tight places.

The maximum lift capacity is 3400 lbs. at full reach. The hydraulic flow control valves are adjustable. All are in handy reach of the operator and include boom swing speed, fork rotation and fork tilt speeds. At the same time the optional electronic remote permits accurate control of the unloading process from up to 60' away. The operator can control from the ground level or uppermost floors.

Prentice Log Loaders

The new Prentice 124 features a smooth, reliable 3200 PSI hydraulic system to maximize lift capacity while maintaining controllability during multi-function operations. The machine's formed A-frame is based on a clean, simple pedestal fabricated from high strength steel that is lightweight yet strong. The fabricated main and stick booms maximize strength while minimizing weight. Main boom castings at base, mid-point and stick end enhance the structural strength of the Prentice 124.

Truck and Trailer Mount

Series E - 180, 210, 410 No matter what logging job you're on, PRENTICE has the loader to make your day productive, profitable and comfortable. PRENTICE Series E loaders are built using advanced boom design technology, for the strength and reliability needed to meet the demands of high production delimbing and loading. Advanced features such as smooth and responsive joystick controls, and quiet, comfortable cabs, contribute to making the name PRENTICE synonymous with quality.

280Designed to meet the specific demands of loggers needing an economical yet robust, high-performance loader for delimbing, the 280 has a new conventional hydraulic system for an economical option to high-pressure hydraulic systems. The 280 features a "flow on demand" sub-frame hydraulic system - no flow to the lower until demanded by stabilizer, saw or delimber functions.

384 Powered by an excavator-type hydraulic system customized for high production logging, the 384 is engineered with the structure, strength, speed, smoothness and stability to handle demanding production requirements like pull-through delimbing.

Total Merchandising Systems

280, 384, 410 A complete factory installed and tested merchandising package that includes a loader designed for delimbing, mounted on a robust delimber trailer with the industry-leading CTR trailer-mount pull-through delimber and CTR ground saw.

Log Loader Attachments

Grapple and Grapple Saws Prentice grapples are known for their strength and reliability, and now greater versatility has been added with the Series E line of continuous rotation grapples. Versatility with three models of rotators, each designed to do a specific job:

  • Model R-18 for truck-mounted self-loaders and small turntable loaders in loading and
    slashing applications
  • The Model R-25 for medium-duty logging applications with limited pull-through delimbing
  • The Model R-50 for more demanding loader applications including pull-through delimbing,
    slashing and shovel logging

Head assemblies are constructed of high tensile steel with heavy-duty bearings and hardened gears, and have interchangeable inserts for easy hook-up to different pin sizes.

Jaws are constructed of special high-tensile wear-resistant steel. Critical areas are reinforced and have been designed to protect the cylinder rods and hoses.

The cylinders, in combination with jaw configurations, provide the required forces to lift and hold large loads as well as single logs. All cylinders have bolt-on heads for ease of service and reliability

Prentice purpose-built, forestry-duty track feller-bunchers provide a selection of models for both select cut and final cut applications. Designed for easy maintenance and serviceability, the tractors have centralized greasing as well as hydraulic and electric diagnostic centers. A patented, robust, house leveling system keeps the turntable level on slopes. A wide selection of track shoe sizes provides choices for various terrain and soil conditions to lessen ground disturbance. Operator environments are ROPS/OPS/FOPS certified, WCB approved. State-of-the-art hydraulic systems are easily tailored for a wide variety of felling attachments.

Designed with a tough, dependable drive train to deliver smooth power, steady pull and efficient maneuvering on soft ground or steep slopes, the Prentice 490 is a rugged, dependable and productive machine. Utilizing a torque-converter transmission, rugged planetary axles and comfortable, no-nonsense cab design, the 490 is designed with ease of maintenance in mind. And it comes with the industry-leading support behind the Prentice name.

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